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Our Student Council are voted in once a term by a democratic election held in each class. Each pupil who would like to be on the Student Council writes about, or tells their teacher, why they would like to represent their class and then the teacher reads their ideas out. Then everyone votes.  Our Student Council represents the views of all our pupils. It is made up of two elected representatives from each year group in years Reception to Year 6 

The Student Council

Pupil Voice Assemblies


We value our children's ideas and opinions; we want to encourage them to have the confidence to express them in our world. 

Our children have opportunities every day in their classroom to express their ideas, preferences and take responsibility for their learning. We also have a structured way for our children to tell us all about what they think about school and to influence decision making. Every month we have Pupil Voice Assembly. We meet once a month in mixed age group circles to discuss a topic and gather ideas about school.


Some of our topics have included PE, the playground and playtimes. On this page you will find out about our pupils' views and see how they have influenced the direction of decisions which affect them every day.